Unleashing Fury

IIndia's record-breaking 418/5 vs West Indies – A breathtaking display of power hitting that left cricket fans mesmerized." 

Rajkot Rampage 

India's monumental 414/7 vs Sri Lanka – Witness an explosive batting showcase in an unforgettable match 

Dominating Bermuda

India's 413/5 – Relive India's dominance against Bermuda with incredible stroke play and a massive total.  

Chattogram Chase

India's thrilling 409/8 vs Bangladesh – A thrilling chase that showcased India's ability to set imposing targets.

Eden Gardens Epic 

India's 404/5 vs Sri Lanka – An historic high-scoring encounter that tested India's mettle. 

Gwalior Glory

India's remarkable 401/3 vs South Africa – India's excellence against a top-notch bowling attack in Gwalior 

Indore's Magic

India's record 399/5 vs Australia – A record-breaking total in Indore that set the stage for victory. 

Christchurch Chronicles

India's 392/4 vs New Zealand – A memorable victory highlighting India's batting prowess in Christchurch.

Thiruvananthapuram Triumph

India's commanding 390/5 – Dominance under diverse conditions in Thiruvananthapuram. 

Rajkot Resilience

India's 387/5 vs England – Demonstrating India's batting depth and consistent performance in Rajkot.