Thriving in Rural Areas: 60 Lucrative Village Business idea in 2023

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We are finding village business idea for you, If you’re contemplating starting a business in a rural area, you’re in for a world of opportunity. Rural regions offer a unique set of advantages for entrepreneurs, from reduced competition to the charm of a tight-knit community.

To help you explore this untapped potential, we’ve compiled a list of 60 small-town business ideas that can thrive in a rural setting. These ideas span various industries and can be your ticket to success. So, let’s dive in!

Village Business idea

1. Build Affiliate Websites

In rural areas, the online world opens doors to a global customer base. Consider starting an affiliate website and utilizing the Authority Site System for a successful jumpstart.

2. Woodworking

Rural areas often boast an abundance of wood and trees, making woodworking a viable small-town business. Whether crafting intricate plaques or larger projects, woodworking can be a creative and profitable endeavor.

3. Flip Sneakers

With ample space in rural areas, you can buy and store sneakers until the perfect selling opportunity arises. Get started with a step-by-step guide and explore the online market.

4. Remote Office Space

The shift to remote work in recent years has created an opportunity to convert inexpensive buildings into comfortable offices. Offer quality internet services and watch your business thrive in your small town.

5. Do Online Surveys

Earn a couple of hundred bucks a month without leaving your home by completing online surveys. and are great platforms to get started.

6. Resell Tickets

Reselling tickets is predominantly done online these days. Buy low and sell high to enjoy a low cost of living in rural areas. Find insights on starting this venture in our dedicated post on reselling concert tickets.

7. Furniture Restoration

Acquire old, worn-out furniture inexpensively, restore and enhance it, and resell it at a higher price. In small towns, you’ll find plenty of old furniture to turn into a successful business. Offering delivery services, such as through Fetch Truck, can further boost your profits.

8. Hauling/Large Truck Rental

Owning a large truck for hauling can open up various opportunities, from moving heavy furniture to scrap removal. Join platforms like Fetch Truck and start profiting from your truck.

9. Firewood Delivery

Many small towns still rely on wood-burning stoves for heating. Firewood delivery is a lucrative business in rural areas, as people continue to use this traditional method. Learn how to start your own delivery business with our comprehensive guide.

10. Sell Stock Photography

Photographers can upload and sell their pictures on platforms like Shutterstock. Every outdoor, travel or rural blogger is in constant need of high-quality photos, making this a thriving venture.

11. Sell Stock Video

Take your videography skills to the next level. Many stock photo sites also offer stock video, and some platforms specialize in it. Find the best fit for your content and explore the possibilities.

12. Agriculture and farming

Using the land and resources at hand, crop cultivation, poultry farming, dairy production, and beekeeping are all viable possibilities.

13. Organic Farming

Grow organic produce to satisfy the rising demand for better-for-you food options.

14. Rural Ride Sharing

While ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are city-focused, rural areas value independent living. If you’re known as the go-to ride provider in your town, you can build a solid business while connecting with your neighbors.

15. Small Business Website Creation

Almost every business needs an online presence, but many small business owners lack the skills to create a website. Offer website creation services to local businesses and watch your client base grow.

16. Local Cuisine and Food Stalls

Serving up regional specialties at food stands will draw both tourists and locals.

17. Teach Computer Skills Courses

In many rural areas, access to technology and computer skills is limited. Offer courses on essential skills like email, social media, and online safety to cater to the tech-savvy needs of rural residents.

18. Revitalization Support Efforts

Many rural areas in the United States are economically challenged and in need of revitalization. Numerous programs and grants are available for businesses that can contribute to the revival of these communities.

19. Open a Gym

Even in a small town, a 24-hour gym can be a successful venture. Provide a convenient workout space for the community, and memberships will follow.

20. Storage Units

The need for storage is universal, and even in small towns, people accumulate excess belongings. Rental storage units offer a reliable and passive income source.

21. Antique Stores

Antique stores thrive in rural areas. Whether you focus on online sales or cater to local shoppers, this business can be highly profitable.

22. Greenhouse/Nursery

A greenhouse or nursery can do well in any season, providing flowers and plants for various occasions, including holidays and special events.

23. Rural Blogger

Local bloggers covering news, hidden attractions, and the uniqueness of rural areas are thriving. Monetize your online presence and build partnerships with local businesses.

24. Create Local Campsites

If you have scenic land to spare, consider setting up local campsites. Offering cabins, RV sites, or primitive camping can be a great rural business idea, especially for nature enthusiasts.

25. Bed and Breakfast

Many people seek rural bed and breakfast experiences as a getaway from city life. Whether it’s a traditional B&B or an Airbnb, there’s a high demand for rural accommodations.

26. Animal Training

If you have a knack for training animals, such as hunting or tracking dogs, there’s a significant market for your skills in rural communities.

27. Menial Services

Offer services like leaf raking, lawn mowing, and snow shoveling. Many small tasks need attention in rural areas, and there’s a consistent market for these services.

28. General Handyman

Home maintenance is a never-ending task, and many repairs are too small for local contractors. Become a reliable general handyman and take care of various home repair needs.

29. Junkyard Operating (Junk Hauling)

Junk hauling can be a lucrative business, involving the removal of debris or operating a junkyard. You can charge premium rates for clearing out unwanted items.

30. Land Rental

If you have unused land, consider renting it to others. Land rental can be a mutually beneficial arrangement, generating extra income from your property.

31. Second-Hand Store

Second-hand stores are valuable finds in rural areas, where specialty stores might be scarce. Whether you focus on clothing or general items, a second-hand store can thrive.

32. Specialty Restaurant or Tavern

Offering unique dishes, specific cuisine, or a particular theme in your restaurant or tavern can set you apart from the competition and attract a loyal customer base.

33. Food Truck

Food trucks aren’t limited to cities. They offer mobility and flexibility, allowing you to serve customers during special events, lunch breaks, and more, with lower overhead costs.

34. Landscaping/Lawn scaping

Beautiful lawns are always in demand. If you have an eye for detail and love outdoor work, consider landscaping and lawn care as a business opportunity.

35. Tutoring Services

Tutors are always in demand, whether for school subjects, test preparation, or new skills. This is a great business idea for educators or individuals with expertise in various subjects.

36. Car Wash

Owning the only car wash in town can be a profitable endeavor, especially if you offer a range of services and maintain a high standard of cleanliness.

37. Cleaning Services

No one enjoys cleaning, and in small towns, the demand for cleaning services is ever-present. Start a cleaning business and provide relief to local residents.

38. Maintenance & Home Upkeep

Offer services to help residents maintain their homes. From food preparation to minor repairs and upkeep, providing support for independent living can be a valuable business.

39. Open an Arcade

Arcades can thrive in small towns, providing entertainment and nostalgia for both young and old customers. Make your establishment the local hotspot.

40. Small-Scale Manufacturing

Create straightforward goods for the local market, such as candles, soap, or home furnishings.

41. Massage/Chiropractic Practice

Offer wellness services outside of a traditional medical setting. The demand for massages and chiropractic care remains high, especially in remote areas.

42. Small Engine Repair

Repairing small engines, such as lawnmowers, weed whackers, and household appliances, can be a valuable service. Save customers money by fixing their equipment instead of replacing it.

43. Pet Care

Pet care services, such as grooming and daycare, are cherished in rural communities. Show love and attention to the furry friends of your neighbors.

44. Christmas Tree Farm

While it takes a few years to get started, running a Christmas tree farm can be a lucrative seasonal business. Your trees can become a cherished part of the community’s holiday traditions.

45. Local Tour Guide

What’s unique about your area? Become a local tour guide and share the local history and attractions with visitors, helping them experience the best of your town.

46. Public Notary

The need for a public notary doesn’t diminish in rural areas. This profession offers quick and well-compensated work, so consider becoming a notary to serve your community.

47. Plumber/HVAC Services

Plumbers and HVAC specialists are always in demand, even in small towns. If you have the skills and equipment, this can be a profitable business.

48. Electrician

Electricians are trained and well-paid professionals. Consider this career if you’re willing to travel and provide electrical services in rural areas.

49. Property Sale Prepping

When homeowners prepare to sell their property, they often require assistance in making it more appealing to potential buyers. Offer services like lawn care, interior cleaning, and paint touch-ups to help them achieve the best sale price.

50. Virtual Assistant (VA)

As long as you have reliable internet access in your rural area, working as a virtual assistant is a viable option. You can provide remote administrative support to clients from various locations.

51. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing can be done from anywhere with an internet connection, and a rural setting can offer plenty of inspiration for your work.

52. Local YouTuber

Interest in videos that explore off-the-beaten-path and non-tourist destinations is higher than ever. Share your unique rural experiences and insights on YouTube to reach a wider audience.

53. Rural Podcaster

No one understands local issues better than someone living and working in the area. Start a rural podcast and engage with local officials and experts to explore what’s happening in your community.

54. Local Artist/Creative Handicrafts

Turn your creativity into a business by creating and selling unique handicrafts. Set up an Etsy shop, attend local events like flea markets, and showcase your creations to a broader audience.

55. Online Flipper

Enter the world of retail arbitrage by buying low and selling high. Use online platforms to find hidden gems and turn them into profitable sales.

56. Rural Infrastructure Development

The demand for individuals and companies that can develop rural infrastructure is substantial. Particularly, the expansion of rural internet access is a growing concern, creating business opportunities.

57. Home Watching Services

Offer home-watching or house-sitting services to take care of properties while owners are away. This includes tasks like feeding pets, bringing in the mail, and ensuring home security.

58. Local Fishing/Hunting Guide

If you’re familiar with the best fishing spots or popular hunting grounds in your area, becoming a local guide can be a rewarding and lucrative business.

59. Start a Gas Station

Even in a small town, a gas station can thrive, especially if you offer food and beverages, creating a comfortable space for locals and travelers.

60. Property Management

Assist property owners in managing and maintaining their real estate investments. Provide services like rent collection, property maintenance, and tenant relations.

In conclusion

Rural areas offer numerous business opportunities waiting to be explored. With the right idea, dedication, and hard work, you can build a successful small-town business that not only sustains your community but also fulfills your entrepreneurial dreams. So, go ahead and embark on your journey to rural business success!


  1. What are the advantages of starting a business in a rural area?
  • Rural areas often have reduced competition, lower operating costs, and a strong sense of community. These factors can create unique opportunities for entrepreneurs.

2. How can I find the right business idea for a rural setting?

  • To find the right business idea for a rural area, consider the needs and interests of your community, leverage available resources, and explore the list of 60 business ideas provided in the article.

3. What are some key considerations for starting a business in a small town?

  • Important considerations include market research, understanding local regulations, building relationships within the community, and adapting your business to meet the specific needs of the area.

4. How can I market my rural business to reach a broader audience?

  • Utilize digital marketing, social media, and online platforms to promote your business beyond your immediate area. Additionally, consider partnerships with local organizations and participation in regional events.

5. Are there grants or programs available to support rural businesses?

  • Yes, there are often grants and programs aimed at revitalizing rural economies. You can explore government grants, non-profit initiatives, and economic development programs that provide financial assistance and resources to rural entrepreneurs.

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